This page is here as a service for those with visual disabilities that require the use of text reader. This page is broken down in 3 basic components.

1. Repeater Information

2. Net Information

3. Contact and Control Operator Information.

Section 1: Repeater Frequencies by Location:

This are is broken down by town, and then lists frequency, frequency offset, PL tone and station callsign


147.345 + 600 KHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R
224.360 - 1.6 MHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R
442.600 + 5.0 mHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R


145.370 - 600 KHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R
447.225 - 5.0 MHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R


444.650 + 5.0 MHz 77.0 Hz KB1AEV/R

Watertown, Ct

441.650 + 5.0 MHz 77.0 Hz WA1NQP/R


444.100 + 5.0 MHz 77.0 Hz N7PRD/R

Below are Linkable repeaters on demand

Barkhamsted 147.270 +600 KHz 77.0 Hz W1RWC



Section 2- Net Information:

Please note: The system is free for any licensed amateur to use, however, please let ARES and SKYWARN use the system for their nets as necessary and during emergencies.

Current Nets held on the Link Repeater System

Monday Nights Litchfield County SKYWARN 8:00 PM Local time

Wednesday Nights Area 5 ARES Net 7:30 PM Local time


Section 3 - Contact Information and Control Operators:

If you need to contact any of the repeater owners or control operators, feel free to use the appropriate contact information below. Please note, to contact via email, please use The reason for not making links is to reduce spam to individuals personal email boxes. At just about any time of day, you can raise a control operator on the air. Control Operators are as follows:

Dana Underhill (KB1AEV)- Linked System Owner/Repeater Owner

Jason Bosquet (N7PRD) - Repeater Trustee / Control Operator

Dick Carter (W1RWC) - Repeater Trustee / Control Operator

E. Jonathan Hardy (KB1KIX) -  Control Operator





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