D-Star Systems of Connecticut 




The admins. of AA1HD and W1IXU decided a short time ago to split the state for registering Connecticut D-Star Users on a gateway. (This DOES NOT apply to residents in the Norwalk area ---> SEE BELOW for further instructions)


This was done to help prevent duplicate registrations and avoid confusion. As such we decided to use Interstate 91 as a dividing line.


CT Hams that live East of I91 and HAMS in Western Ma register on AA1HD. CT HAMS that live West of I91 Register on W1IXU (This DOES NOT apply to residents in the Norwalk area unless you live closer to W1IXU).


The purpose of registering your call in a gateway is so that you can use the entire D-Star Network,

Including DPRS and PC-based communications utilizing the DV-Dongle


Once registered you can use any repeater / gateway etc.


If you live outside of Connecticut, please register on a local gateway.

If there are no gateways local to you, please contact one of the administrators below.


Be aware!! User registration is a Three step process. Once the administrator approves your initial request you should receive an email with instructions for completing step three.
                   If you do not receive an email, within a week of submitting your request for registration, first check your SPAM folder then contact the  administrator for the gateway you registered on.

Do not register on more than one gateway!

It has the potential of locking out your station on all gateways and limits you to local operation only.

Feel free to contact the administrators at the following:




Dstar-Admin@kb1aev.net (AA1HD)


ND1L@arrl.net (W1NLK)

To register, choose one of the links below:


CT residents East of Interstate 91 and residents in Western Ma should Register with the AA1HD System


 CT Residents West of Interstate 91 Register with the W1IXU System or copy and paste "https://w1ixu.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do" into your browser without the quotes


CT residents in the Norwalk area should use W1NLK as the gateway unless you live closer to W1IXU!!

W1NLK gateway registration page or copy and paste "https://w1nlk.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do" into your browser without the quotes


Western Massachusetts residents should register on AA1HD.


All others, outside of Connecticut,  should go to the D-STARUSERS.ORG repeater directory and find the repeater closest to you, IN YOUR STATE, click on the repeater callsign and find "Gateway Registration URL". Click on it and follow the directions provided.